We are a Boston-based studio that specializes in custom curated, tailored interiors for busy professionals and growing families.

At Gina Baran interiors + Design we believe that home should evoke a feeling and our client’s lives elevated through interior design. Through our collaborative design process we establish your needs, wants and style. This, combined with Gina’s fresh, modern approach allows us to design a space that is classic, approachable and one-of-a-kind. Most importantly, it’s a space that is a reflection of you and your unique story. All of our projects are a labor of love and our end goal is seeing our client’s lives change in positive ways by helping them love and thrive in their surroundings. 

Gina’s love for interior design started when she was just a little girl. Constantly rearranging the furniture layout and updating the paint colors in her childhood home, Gina made what little they had work, making hand-me-down homewares look new. In 2013, after spending nearly a decade in the corporate world, Gina took the leap and started her own design studio. Today Gina is the creative director and principle designer of all projects that GBID creates. Gina also founded and runs Abode Shoppe, a home decor shoppe located within the design studio. When Gina isn’t creating interiors or talking with customers in the shoppe you will find her in her most important role as MOM. Gina spends all her free time with her husband, two children and french bulldog.

Gina has experience working on various residential projects throughout the country including Nantucket-style new builds, modern bachelor pads and glamorous, 10,000 square-foot homes. Her work has attracted A-list clientele from both the production and sports industries. Gina is also a featured designer on HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation. 

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Gina Baran, Owner & Principle Designer / Jacqueline Musso, Interior Designer / Sunny Harrison, Interior Designer / Molly Smith, Assistant Designer / Amanda Sather, Marketing & Project Managment





We are not a one-size-fits-all design studio and will work closely with you throughout the design process to deliver a custom tailored home that is a reflection of your needs, wants and style. Whether it’s new construction, a remodel or some finishing touches, every detail is well thought-out and managed, resulting in a seamless finish and one-of-a-kind space.

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E-Design is our 100% remote design service. It is perfect for those who don’t have the budget to spend on full-service design or don’t live locally. We will help you design your new space and equip you with measuring materials and step-by-step guides. The advantage of this service is the ability to work on a timeline that best fits your schedule. Starts at $600.

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+ Why do you charge a consultation fee?

During our consultation, I am meeting with you to learn more about your space and provide information about how we would handle the design, layout and colors within your home, should you choose to move forward. This fee covers my time and expertise, and is removed from your final invoice if you decide to move forward.

+ How long does a full-service project typically take from start to finish?

Ultimately, this depends on the scope of the project, and can take anywhere from 4 months to more than a year. A new build or renovation will take longer than a redesign or new furnishings project. It is always a good idea to reach out early, as we usually have a waitlist for full-service design.

+ Do you charge hourly for your services?

Yes, however, for most projects I will provide an estimate up front. A deposit is required to reserve your spot and start the design process. Services are billed on an hourly basis thereafter.

+ Do you provide contractors when needed?

I have a full team of contractors and subcontractors to handle every aspect of your project, from cabinets to countertops, and plumbing to electrical. I have established close relationships with these contractors and will recommend them for every project. However, if you have a preferred contractor or have already hired a company to do the work for you, you are free to use them.

+ When should I bring you (the interior designer) into the project?

For a renovation or new build, you should contact me as soon as renovation ideas cross your mind. Reaching out to me after construction has started and selections are necessary, is often too late. For smaller redesign and decorating projects, I suggest reaching out 4-5 months before you want the project to be completed.





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