Full Service

"Gina is amazing! We initially hired her to assist with paint selection, and ended up redecorating our entire first floor. She is organized, patient, responsive and overall so much fun to work with. We are thrilled with the final results and truly love our newly revamped home. It’s beautiful! We highly recommend her for any home project - large or small."


Full Service

"I worked with Gina for a kitchen and family room remodel. Gina was very easy to work with, professional and responsive and we are extremely happy with the outcome. Would definitely recommend her and her team and would use them again!"


full service

"I have worked closely with Gina for about 4 years now. I knew the first time I met Gina I was going to enjoy working with her. She made you feel very comfortable. She helped me transform our family room into a warm clean look. I didn't know where to being with staging, paint color and choosing furniture. She added some beautiful furniture, curtains and throw pillows. She makes her own throw pillows which are always beautiful and the quality is long lasting. 
I always turn to Gina when I need helping picking paint colors, wallpaper, lighting, & area rugs. She takes the stress from an indecisive person. 
I could always get in contact with her through emails and she would always respond back. She is very professional and an extremely talented designer. She listens to her clients in order to create a home that her clients are happy with. I can't say enough about Gina. She is genuine, honest and dedicated. 
I am very happy with the work Gina did for us and I continue to look forward to working with her in the future. I highly recommend her for any project you have."


full service

"5 STARS... The stars say it all! Wonderful ideas that were great on paper and even better in reality. Great to work with, great to brainstorm with, and really great at taking my vague ideas and concepts and bringing to life a home that fits me. The team she marshalled was also wonderful; any re-designs - done ASAP; any issues with vendors or contractors - dealt with before I was aware of it.
Plus, never made me feel any pressure with purchases or design ideas. 
Thanks Gina."


Concierge design

"Gina was amazing to work with and the outcome is beyond my wildest dreams! I found Gina on Houzz and loved what I saw. I've been in my home for over 15 years and it was looking extremely dated. I'm also recently a single mom and wanted to create an oasis for myself in my bedroom and sitting room as well as needing a game plan to update the entire house.First Gina came to my home and suggested new colors for the house to create a beautiful flow. She also helped to tweak some of the rooms that I had done with suggestions for furniture placement and drapes. I then hired her through her concierge service to update my master bedroom. Her plan arrived in less than two weeks and I just couldn't believe how well she captured my style. With links to all the items and even placement suggestions. Over a few months as my budget allowed I purchased everything and pulled it together. It looks better than I could have imagined. I feel like I'm walking into a hotel room every time I see it. It's so beautiful and feminine without being to over the top. I can't wait to work with her again on my family room!"



"In October, 2015, we sold our home in which we raised our children. We moved into a modern two bedroom apartment. We couldn't change wall colors or do any construction. We wanted to make our new space cozy and comfortable. 
We were starting from scratch. The only furniture we brought with us was my husbands beloved recliner. Gina came to the rescue!! Through e-design, she assisted us in creating a beautiful new space. We communicated through email. She soon learned a lot about our tastes and lifestyle. She assisted us in the purchase of our new furniture and accessories by making suggestions but ultimately allowing us to choose. She even went out on a limb a few times and suggested things out of our comfort zone. We took her suggestions, ran with them and we have not been disappointed. We had artwork which we wanted to incorporate, but the frames looked dated. Gina, wanting to make the space ours, suggested we obtain new frames to match our more modern decor. It worked!!
We highly and without reservation recommend this delightful, talented young woman. She transformed our small space into a beautiful, comfortable home. We are so very grateful."


Full Service

"Gina came in and helped turn my vision into a reality. Her expertise with matching colors, textures, and patterns that fit my love of contemporary elegance became evident in the final product. My eyes were bigger than my budget and Gina helped me stay within my budget by showing me pieces that were almost, if not, identical to what I was seeing online. Gina advocates for her clients. For example, I found a pattern I loved for my custom drapes. However, an issue arose with the remaining order of the fabric; the color had run on the fabric and I needed the room complete by a specific date. Gina knew their was a time constraint and she contacted vendors from South Carolina to California and found the fabric in perfect condition, had the drapes made and installed with time to spare. Gina is delightful to work with and has her clients best interests at heart. I highly recommend her."


full service

"When we first met Gina we were distraught over the architect mishaps and overwhelmed by the whole house renovation. Gina calmly came to the house and professionally and kindly made all our worries disappear. She stepped in and helped us make numerous decisions, above and beyond what we even initially hired her for.
It was evident from day one that she enjoys her job. Her enthusiasm and genuine interest in making our house a home was always amazing and appreciated! 
Gina took the time to ask questions and learn about us and how we will live in and use each space. She helped us to step outside of our comfort zone and each and every room was designed with such intentional thought and care. Gina's expertise with color, textures, fabrics, patterns, shape, lines, style, trends, light, etc., is truly superb. 
She is instinctive. She is a good listener, always involving us in the process with flexibility but yet adaptation and creativity. 
We wake up each morning and come downstairs to a cozy, bright, happy, comfortable living area. We feel relaxed and comforted each night when we all head upstairs. We constantly talk about the choices Gina helped us make and how we feel so happy about each and every one of the them.
We are so thankful for her amazing expertise and professionalism, but most importantly, for always being so kind during every aspect of this process. 
We will always be grateful!"