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House Of Baran |  Styling + Coffee Table Books


House Of Baran | Styling + Coffee Table Books

Long time.... no blogging. To say I've been under a whirlwind the last (almost four) months is an understatement but that catch-up is a post all within itself. Some things get sacrificed and the blog has been one of those things and I am ok with it.  I let my online magazine go last summer because I don't have time to keep up with it and I haven't looked back. Writing when I feel the inspiration rather than because I feel I have to. You can't force it. I digress....

Thankfully it's Friday, it's been quite the week and I am ready to kick my feet up this weekend. When I mean "kick my feet up" I mean sit my pregnant ass down during house project breaks. WE HAVE A TON OF THEM but I am documenting them all and will be sharing on Instagram Stories so make sure you're following me @ginabaran .




Today's House Of Baran post is all about coffee table books.  I have done a similar post more than one other time but felt we needed a refresher. Why now? Well because I am refreshing our builtins as we are getting new furniture for the family room and thought I should add some new books to my classic favorites. You can shop some of those under shop tab as well as clicking on the images below! What are some of your favorite styling books?

Here are even more great books!



Friday Favorites - Fall Edit

Fall is here and I couldn't be more excited. Warmer textures are brought into your home like cozy throws and glowing candles that you may not use in the warmer summer months. Changing out hurricane holder fillers from sand and beach glass to pine cones and white pumpkins....mmmm can't you smell it?  

Instead of doing a round up of favorite home decor items, I am going to mix it up a bit and share my favorite fall pieces in women's fashion. Change out the sandals to booties and bikinis to blanket scarves. Oh and cheetah is making a comeback, thoughts?