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On the Radar: Fall Must Haves

I know it's so sad (insert emoji) but it's almost time to say buh-bye to summer and HELLO to fall!  A lot of people would disagree but autumn is my FAVORITE time of year!!

I have rounded up a few items (and by a few I mean a lot) in both apparel and abode that I am dreaming about now and a few that I may or may not have purchased already. I told you I love fall.  It is a season that shares so many wonderful times including our son's birthday, our anniversary, my mother and aunts birthdays as well as my own. Hmm, maybe I could get something on this list for each of those celebration, eh? Ok back to reality..

Last fall I fell hard for the wrap coat and it's on my radar again this fall. So comfy and no matter what you have under it you'll look pulled together. Another favorite…fringe. Yes, it's back. I remember the day I got dismissed from private school (1st grade) because I was wearing my favorite fridge boots from Fayva, I am aging myself but virtual HIGH FIVE if you know what I am talking about, anyway they told my mother that my shoes weren't part of the "dress code" until 2 other girls walked into school the very next day wearing the very same boots…. trend setter ;)

Anything with texture, gold, ginger jars and white..I can't get enough white but I am sure i'll stop saying that in December when the snow is non stop. For now enjoy my list! Click below for sources.

What's on your fall radar?