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Nursery Reveal


Nursery Reveal

Every day I am creating interiors for clients. I work closely with them to understand their wants and needs in a space while making visually appealing to their specific design style.  Often times I am mixing multiple design styles to create a d custom feel and look. Working with so many different styles allows me to appreciate and enjoy many different designs but sometimes makes it difficult to hone in on exactly what I want when it comes to designing for myself because I am drawn to so many different styles. 

When it came time to sit down and design our daughters nursery I knew the feeling I wanted the space to have. Feminine, romantic but still neutral. I am not one for "themes" so to speak but like any room I design I wanted to marry elements with well thought out selections. 

A few years back I designed a nursery for a client's daughter.  While in the selections process I came across this gorgeous wallpaper by Hygge + West. We ended up going a different direction for that nursery (this Hygge + West wallpaper) but I knew that if we were ever to have a daughter this wallpaper was going into the nursery. The ironic thing is I never anticipated having much blush/pink in the space but this wallpaper was it. When we found out we were expecting a girl it was the first sample I pulled and worked off of it. 

Jumping off the wallpaper the room started to take on a bird like theme, it was intentional without it being to much of a "theme".  I added a juju hat above the bed for texture, which is made of feathers. You can read about the history of the juju here.  The crib was our son Jack's when he was a baby, we got it here. The semi sheer drapery panels are from RH and the black out romans I had made custom. The fabric is Schumacher (trade vendor) and available through my design firm upon request. The drapery hardware is from here and very budget friendly!

Nursery Interior Design

The nursery chair was also the same chair we used in Jack's nursery, I didn't want to purchase a new chair as this one is still in like new condition and very comfortable so I used this textured organic throw to cover and lighten that corner. The rug is one of  my favorite elements! It is one of the softest rugs we have in our home. My husband literally said he wish we could have this rug in every room because it feel so good on the bottom of your feet.  It was the perfect choice.  

The pillows are custom made in house. The fabrics are trade and available for purchase upon request.

The lucite floating book shelves are from here. The swan is another favorite element. It's large, perfect for our daughter to crawl all over and ride as she grows. The watercolor art above the swan is made by a Canadian artist and designer. You can find her designs here.  I spent a lot of time looking for a floor lamp. I knew I wanted something light but to have some brass to it but nothing modern, I preferred a more traditional style. This one was perfect from the moment I saw it and I got it at a steal!

The rest of our home is what I would call modern coastal. Modern elements with coastal finishes like washed woods, neutral textures and soft tones. We don't have seashells or the like decorating the home, it's more a modern feel with mixed metals. This style helped me select this chandelier for the space, it's feminine but coastal with neutral finishes. 

The dresser was my grandfather's. I contemplated refinishing it in white and changing out the hardware but I opted to keep it as is for now. I love how it feels in the space. Above the dresser is a mirror I got from a trade vendor, it is no longer available but If I hadn't purchased this mirror I would have purchased this one.

This brass hook holds a dress that was mine when I was a baby. I love that my mother kept some of my clothes so that I can pass them along to our daughter, even if they are only used as decor. 

I also took a lot of time researching diaper bags. I ended up selecting this backpack style, it holds so much and will be perfect to hold not only our daughters diapers and such, but also our 3.5 year old sons snacks and toys. It comes in a few other colors too!

This side table is kid friendly yet sturdy. The plant on the table is a combination of a planter I got on clearance at Home Goods (similar here) with faux succulents I purchased here

I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my own home. It's rare I share my own home designs but I will be sharing more as we tackle more interior changes including my son's room coming soon!

If you would like to see more BTS of the nursery be sure to head over to my instagram and watch the walk-thru tour there to see up close details! 


House Of Baran |  Styling + Coffee Table Books


House Of Baran | Styling + Coffee Table Books

Long time.... no blogging. To say I've been under a whirlwind the last (almost four) months is an understatement but that catch-up is a post all within itself. Some things get sacrificed and the blog has been one of those things and I am ok with it.  I let my online magazine go last summer because I don't have time to keep up with it and I haven't looked back. Writing when I feel the inspiration rather than because I feel I have to. You can't force it. I digress....

Thankfully it's Friday, it's been quite the week and I am ready to kick my feet up this weekend. When I mean "kick my feet up" I mean sit my pregnant ass down during house project breaks. WE HAVE A TON OF THEM but I am documenting them all and will be sharing on Instagram Stories so make sure you're following me @ginabaran .




Today's House Of Baran post is all about coffee table books.  I have done a similar post more than one other time but felt we needed a refresher. Why now? Well because I am refreshing our builtins as we are getting new furniture for the family room and thought I should add some new books to my classic favorites. You can shop some of those under shop tab as well as clicking on the images below! What are some of your favorite styling books?

Here are even more great books!