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All Things Marble


All Things Marble

HELLO!  I know, it's been forever since I have sat down to write a blog post. There are many reasons why I put it to the wayside but let's just generalize life is a crazy busy one and I had to let some things go. The blog fell victim.

The good news is I am back. I let go of my previous platform and wanted to keep it simple. Nothing fancy just me talking to you when I feel the urge. 

One of the posts I am looking forward to (besides sharing some behind the scenes of projects) is my Friday Favorites. We are starting off this week with one of my all time favorite elements in design... MARBLE!

I don't just love marble in hard surfaces such as counters, flooring or in wall tiles but I also love it in some faux ways too!  I recently posted an image on Instagram of myself and my assistant Molly during a recent photo shoot and the amount of messages I received from followers + friends wanting the details on my marble Macbook Pro Skin and iPhone case blew me away.

Interior Designer Boston


So of course I am sharing all the details with you! I love to share what I love so that if you find you love it too you'll know where to get it!

Here are the details!

Macbook Pro Skin

iPhone 6s Case

Please be sure to check your model number and read the details on size for both of these. Each Skin is made specific for each model. The ones linked are for my particular model. 



Here are some other great options!

Marble iPhone Cases

Marble Laptop Covers

Have a great weekend! xx Gina