Every design has an underlying story, a reason the client reaches out after living unhappily in a home they don't feel is theirs. There are many reasons for this and for our Little Meadow Project, the reason was one that many can relate to. The home didn't reflect the client's current style.  

You see, the home was built by the husband a year prior to meeting his wife and many of the design decision were made by the husband with the assistance of the realtor/builder. The home is beautiful and even the before's photos are those that many would wish for. The paint chosen was a bit dark, masculine and in the furnishings, lighting and decor was more of a contemporary feel. After living in the home for a few years, a wedding and two beautiful children, my client's decided it was time. This home was no longer serving them, the style was not them so they decided to update the home to reflect their story. 

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I was called in for a paint consultation for two rooms. A refresh to brighten and lighten the space. After coming up with a few color combinations and a list of samples our consult was coming to an end and as I was putting my notebook away I pulled out a wallpaper sample I had in my bag. It was a gorgeous sample I had left from a previous consult, a stunning Phillips Jeffries Glam Grass in an olive tone. My client's wife immediately fell in love and a whole new design direction was born. That wallpaper sample led to the wallpaper being chosen for not only 1 but two rooms in the home. {wallpaper is nothing to be afraid of, it's not your grandmother's hard to remove, mauve floral style, today's wallpapers are dimensional, textural and show stoppers} but I digress.  As the project moved forward we selected all new furnishings for both the dining and sitting room, accessories for the informal family room and finally new kitchen furniture, new soapstone counters with custom stone farmhouse sink, refinished cabinetry and moulding detail. 

This gorgeous home is a beauty even without the redesign but now this house truly stuns and more importantly it is a true reflection of our clients life, style and story.

Check out some before photos.

Now for the pictures you really want to see..... The Afters!

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