Newest obsession..well not new, let's just say reawakened!  I have always loved to add that oversized floor pillow or ottoman/pouf to a room for that cozy extra seat. It is the easiest way to fill space without visually closing in the room. Poufs come in all shapes and sizes. Currently, the most popular is the moroccan pouf.  Most are leather, some real some vegan options, with beautiful intricate stitching and worn detail on the real leather ones.  We currently have four in our home, one in my sons room, two in the playroom and one on the indoor porch and to be honest,  if it wasn't against my better judgement, I would be purchasing more.  However if I bought others then I would have a collection… no one wants to have a collection unless it's of something very valuable.   All the collections I have owned becomes clutter and in three years a yard sale has to happen. I digress….

These interiors show exactly how to style a room with a pouf. Get inspired!

Gina Baran Styling

Here are just a few of my favorite poufs of you to shop right now!

From Moroccan to metallic there is a style for every room! Click on your favorite to purchase!