Gina Baran Interiors + Design is a full-service, Boston-based interior design firm that creates custom curated, tailored interiors for busy professionals and growing families.

Great design isn't just selecting furnishings for your space, it's giving you a special feeling that you can only achieve every time you walk into your home.

All of our projects are a labor of love and our end goal is the gratification of seeing our clients lives change in positive ways by helping them love their surroundings. Design isn't just putting beautiful things together into a room, it's creating a space to solve a problem and evoke a feeling. 

 Every detail is well-thought-out and balanced to create a one-of-a-kind space for each client. We are not a one size fits all firm. From concept to install, Gina Baran Interiors + Design will handle all the details of your project for a seamless finish. Gina Baran Interiors + Design looks forward to designing the perfect space to tell your home story.  


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Gina Baran is the Principle & Owner of Gina Baran Interiors + Design. Gina is a  Boston-based Interior Designer who's love for interior design began when she was just a little girl. Constantly changing around the furniture layout and updating the paint colors in her childhood home, Gina made what little they had work, making hand-me-down homewares look new.  

Design runs in her family. Gina's great grandfather was an architect who began building mines in Chile in the early 1900s, and years later helped design and build the Empire State Building in New York City.

After a little over a decade in the corporate world, Gina packed it all up and took the leap, finally doing what her family always knew she was meant to do - her passion, interior design. 

Gina Baran Interiors + Design has evolved tremendously over the past 5 years as a result of Gina's talent, vision and love for interiors. She has attracted A-list clientele from both production and sports industries and has had the pleasure of being a featured designer for national cable show on HGTV.  

Gina's approach to interior design is to create spaces that fit specifically each individual client and their lifestyle. Gina wants your home to be a place you create memories for years to come, a place that not only tells your story, but always gives you that feeling of "home". 

Gina will work closely with you to envision an interior space that is a reflection of your needs, wants and style. Whether it is a single room or an entire home, the journey will certainly be an enjoyable one.  

Our design agents assist with various stages of the design process. From Concierge Design to communication and client visits on Full Service renovations, new builds and small room redesigns.  Our design agents allow for an array of various design service options throughout your design journey.